Sunday, 23 May 2010

First national airplay as an adult

[orig. post: 23 May 2010] Gardeners' Questiontime was the first track on Introducing with Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music). He faded it out in the middle but talked it up afterwards, so I forgive him. Until someone says something better his words will feature prominently on the Mister Salmon website..

32 years ago I might have had his own album Power in the Darkness on the radiogram as I worked on a school art project. For some reason I still remember the lyrics to Grey Cortina, and I have the sound in my head of a line I could never decipher... something to do with a 'flash', an 'aerial' and a 'trim'...

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Xtreme weather

[org. post: 13 May 2010] Seymour Patrick played Stay Out tonight on his online Painter's Radio Show on Xtreme East. My track ends with the sound of miserable rain... Seymour cunningly followed it with Lena Horne's Stormy Weather.

My nephew made a brilliantly detailed drawing from the lyrics of Stay Out:

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