Monday, 14 December 2009

Mister Salmon Yorkshirama

[org. post: 14 Dec 2009] I finally got the first album made. It's been a ridiculously long job. I kept in some very old fragments from 4-track cassette days, but re-recorded several songs from scratch, re-learning all the parts, because my originals were poorly done. The TALE behind the whole thing is at

Thanks to Neil and Lesley, brother David of The Marygreenes, Kiaran and Jordan for much appreciated early feedback. Thanks of course to MF, who's heard it again and again and again (and then some more) during the years of mixing. Artwork looks very nice on the factory-sealed CD digipacks. More will be given away than sold, no doubt, but never mind.

This first album is dedicated to my nephew and niece: whether they like it or not!

Here's the front and back of the CD cover:

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