Thursday, 10 February 2011

Salmon spooked by Duchovny, bossed by Burgess

For a long time Mister Salmon's 'Similar Artists' were dominated by earnest-looking hip-hoppers. A very disappointing association, probably, for all concerned. This was because Mister Salmon's music was tagged with the term 'producer' and on this means 'hip-hop producer'. Getting everything re-tagged more appropriately took a few weeks. In February 2011 the effort bore fruit.

Funny fruit.

After a recent update, there are one or two almost relevant Similar Artists. And a whole new set of wild cards.

At no. 8 in terms of similarity is actor David Duchovny, who is tagged as 'thinker' and 'slept with winona ryder'. Of course, Mister Salmon is a 'thinker', too... but poor Mr Duchovny has only 47 listeners to Mister Salmon's 200. He may have spent too much time sleeping with actresses and not enough making sure his two tracks on were meaningfully tagged. At no. 23 is Lynne Truss. I like her book about being a sports writer, she's funny. I'm almost sorry that, with 167 listeners, she too is trailing Mister Salmon. However, literary titan Anthony Burgess, with 685 listeners – at no. 40 in terms of similarity – has Mister Salmon whupped. Respect.

You'll have guessed that one of Mister Salmon's new tags is 'writer'. None refer to liaisons with actresses, but he did watch a lot of the X-Files and quite likes Gillian Anderson.

Spooky (see what I did there?).
Snack food advisory (tweaked Kit Kat 2010)


Rich H said...

And where does fit in? (just heard on 'mister salmon' radio)

Mister Salmon said...

Crikey. That's a toughie.
I followed your link to Jesus Paid It All. Of the very many ways in which that track is unlike anything Mister Salmon would do the standout one is the singer's suggestion that the snake in the Garden of Eden 'shouted "No escape"'. Mister S would never have said that, because the attribution of 'shouting' to a snake would undermine the credibility of the whole lyric.

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